Event Health Check Course
Event Health Check Course


2 x 2 hour sessions

One on One Consulting, check in on your event health/success.

  • Your event is already running and you are wanting to improve the offering?
  • You may wish to learn how to run the event smoother without tearing your hair out. Do you have all the correct documents, permits and insurance required to run your event?
  • Do you feel like you are the “only one” doing all the work?

Want to learn more – this is a one-on-one session for up to 4 hours, all in one session or 2 x 2-hour sessions, to go over your event’s current status and provide excellent advice to help revive your event.

Course topics include

Deep Dive into your event

Improve relationships with Stakeholders and Suppliers

Improved Budgeting and income streams

Succession Planning

Streamlining processes

Sharing the Load