Event Consulting

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Medium to large scale events

Consulting Services

Jodie currently works on medium to large-scale events as a contract event manager to a range of clients and is available to provide consultancy services directly to your event on a more intimate level. Taking on only a handful of new clients each year to ensure a genuine focus on building your event is paramount.

Showing resilience in the face of adversity, changes, and life, she is a driven leader in her industry. With fairness and respect for others, her team-building skills shine through with authentic and transparent day-to-day practices.

Jodie can provide a full or part review of your event, team, committee, processes, plans, or any other area that you wish to upskill.

Alternatively Jodie has some availability to be hired as a contract event manager or project manager for your event.

Why Jodie?

Passionate, Driven, Candid and Engaging

Vast experience across range of events

Practical advice that is actionable

Extremely well regarded in the industry

Over 25 years of solid experience

Event Health Check

How healthy is your event?

 Do you need a checkup?

We can help!!!

Think of this as a first aid kit or defibrillator for your event, what are your challenges, would you like to know how to move forward?

Spend some one on one time with Jodie to go over the good, the bad and the ugly of where your event is at. We will help you see things from a fresh perspective and provide guidance on how to improve your event.